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In our library you will find an up-to-date selection of print and audiovisual documents in German, English and French about German culture and society. Thumb through our magazines, borrow a novel or film, learn about the latest news in German society, or improve your listening or reading skills with our German learning material.

Our key focus areas are contemporary German literature, cinema, contemporary theatre and dance, comics, alternative music, new media art as well as German as a foreign language. You can also access a wide choice of ebooks and digital magazines and newspapers via our Onleihe eLibrary.

Further information about our library can be found on our website www.goethe.de/montreal

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(published on 21.12.2017)
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Kennen Sie schon unsere Onleihe? Deutschsprachige E-Books, E-Audios und E-Paper rund um die Uhr bequem von zu Hause entleihen.


Vous connaissez déjà notre bibliothèque virtuelle Onleihe ? Sur cette plate-forme, vous avez la possibilité d’emprunter livrels, documents audios et journaux numériques depuis la maison, 24 heures par jour, 7 jours sur 7.


Do you already know our Onleihe eLibrary? German language ebooks, e-audio, and e-papers, available to download from home 24/7.


Sie suchen DaF-Materialien, Filme, Hörbücher, Kinder- und Jugendmedien und Übersetzungen? Über die erweiterte Suche können Sie in unseren Sammlungen suchen.


Are you interested in German as a foreign language materials, films, audiobooks, media for children and young adults, or works in translation? Using the advanced search function, you can narrow your search by selecting one of our collections.


Vous êtes intéressé par exemple aux outils DAF, aux films, aux livres audio, aux médias pour jeunes ou aux traductions ? Grâce à la recherche avancée vous avez la possibilité de chercher dans nos différentes collections.

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